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The aim of the present website is to provide many different PE resources to teachers and parents, in order to feel comfortable to offer to their children an easy, fun and safe way for exercise.

The games are grouped according to the physical skills they develop, into 6 categories agility, balance, coordination, muscle endurance, muscle strength and speed.

Each game indicates the appropriate age group, the number of players and the equipment needed.

To achieve a safe PE session an appropriate warm up and cool down are obligatory parts of the session. An active warm up is to prepare the body for the proposed exercise. Therefore it should include mobilizing exercises for joints and muscles, pulse raising exercises and stretching. On the other hand a cool down helps the body to relax gradually and should consist of pulse lowering exercises, post-workout stretching and a revitaliser.

Finally the teaching points given for each game must be taken into consideration in order to avoid injuries. The games included can and should be modified and adjusted to any group of children so that the level of intensity is appropriate and enjoyable for any child participating.


  • Modern dance choreography with a hoop for kids 5-7 years old
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    Modern dance choreography with a hoop for kids 5-7 years old

    A fun modern dance with a hoop choreography video for children 5-7 years old. Broken down choreography for easy teaching.
    Great for a primary school PE session.

    This dance teaching resource includes:

    • a dance video with a broken down choreography for you to learn and teach to your students!, and
    • a written lesson plan to download. 

    Put on your very best smile and dance on!

    Teaching Level: Easy

    Ages: 5-7 years old (key stage 1)

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