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The amazing dinosaur world in your dance class! Beware!


This one is my favorite book! I use it in preschool dance classes and both boys and girls love it! Even though there is no story, in this ‘noisy parade of dinosaurs’ there are so many movement ideas! So Stomp, Dinosaur, Stomp!


First we read the book out loud. As we read it through I ask the children to describe each dinosaur we meet. We look all the pictures and try to move (and sound sometimes) like the dinosaurs we see! Some dinos stomp, some flap and others stroll!

Then we start the dinosaur parade and move just like the dinosaurs featured.

  • Mighty Tyrannosaurus: we started striding round trying to imagine our gigantic legs, and with enormous jaws ready to guzzle! Some of them did ‘Rhar’ sound to fell more intimidating!
  • Crested Pteranodon: we are flying with our wide wings and suddenly we are diving in the water to swoop a fish from the sea and soar high again!
  • Immense Diplodocus: Swishing and whipping arms and legs.
  • Fierce Velocirartor: we are running in a pack as fast as we can with little steps, but very quietly as we are hunters!

At the end we relax on the floor making a really small shape just like the Feathered Oviraptor when protecting his eggs in his nest!

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